To make or break

Tomorrow Nigerians are going to the polls to elect another president for the country, the man who will replace Gen. Obasanjo on 29 May. The mood here in Kaduna – like the rest of the country – is tense. Someone told me this afternoon he has never seen a security beef-up in the city like the one today.

Last week’s gubernatorial polls were marred by rigging and violence. People believe tomorrow’s polls are going to be tougher; they are the “make or break” elections.

As of candidates, the contest is clearly between the PDP’s Umaru Yar’Adua and ANPP’s Muhammadu Buhari. Many people I spoke to believe the former is going to be “declared” winner, meaning whether he wins or not. Many are surprisingly apathetic, saying, “Well, why should I care since they have decided?”

And where is our democracy? You ask me.

I have a little prayer: whoever wins this election, may he be guided by God to take our country out of the woods. I believe that this prayer is also on the minds of most Nigerians. The last eight years have been disastrous, Obasanjo having failed to fulfil his campaign promises. His “new dawn” has failed to appear. We are praying for another “dawn” which somebody from my own Katsina State should endeavour to actualise if he wins in tomorrow’s all-important polls.

Let’s pray.

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