Stop Raping Me!

(Nigeria at 62)



When the last white ship departed 
You pounced on your unwedded bride:
You tore my shivering legs wide 

And your brutal violence started.

As your guns kept cracking inside,
Your sweet-nothings drew scalding tears:
“I adore you, voluptuous bride!”

Silly rhetoric whacked my ears.

Your grandfathers you murdered
As the sun slept in coverlets;
The illegit kids you fathered,

Have made themselves pampered starlets.

They have embraced your odious game,
As the sun scorches the eyes,
Assaulting the soul that made them,

Poor children of morbid lies!

My eyes, these cancerous potholes,
Lacking in electricity,
Read holy books to save our souls

In climes of insecurity.

Stop, stop, stop, please stop raping me!
Let me limp to my victory;
Just let your father’s mama be,

Stew in your own purgatory.

1st October, 2022

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