Remembering the late Adamu Yusuf (16th July, 1961 – 2nd August, 2007)

The late Adamu Yusuf

This man was appropriately described as a legend and “Mai halin Sardauna,” i.e. one who emulated the character of the Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello – in his caring for the well-being of his people. Adamu’s people were just like the Sardauna’s; they cut across tribes, religions, ages and other classes. He was friends with the high and mighty, as well as with the low and humble. Admirably, that did not get in his way or go to his head at all.

He died 15 years ago this month, at the young age of 45. His life span might appear short, but his impact on the life of others is everlasting. A philanthropist and humanist to the core, he seemed to have lived for the basic concerns of others. He operated an open door policy in his relation with people so much so that his house on Gwamna Road, Kaduna, was always a beehive of activities. He was so inspiring that any time I remember him I try to do something good – for someone other than me.

May the soul of Alhaji Adamu Yusuf, formerly of the BBC Hausa Service, rest in peace, amen.

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