Hauwa Ali Dodo, Zulkiflu Muhammad, Safiya Ahmed

Oh, God! A lot of things have happened since my last posting in this blog. A lot on the political and cultural scenes, including the deaths of my actor friends Hauwa Ali Dodo, Zulkiflu Muhammad and Safiya Ahmed. Safiya (pictured 3rd here) was actually the star of my own movie ‘Fargaba’ (Fear), which I funded in 2008. Her illness and subsequent death were devastating to me personally. Hauwa and Zulkiflu (Zik) I had not seen for some years, but their deaths were nonetheless shocking. Hauwa was the biggest Hausa actress.

May their souls rest in peace, amen.

I hope to say more on them (and other issues that passed without my commentaries) very soon. Meanwhile, I am not happy with myself for keeping quiet all this while, to the dangerous extent of nearly forgetting my passwords to the blog! Well, I have reprimanded myself and hope to be back blogging one of these days.

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