My Latest Acquisitions

Three of the books
Three of the books

What is your latest acquisition? A new car, wristwatch, house, bag, fridge, TV or spouse? Here are mine, acquired today:

1. What Britain Did to Nigeria: A Short History of Conquest and Rule, by Max Siollun (Hurst, London, 2021)

2. Islam and Conflict in Northern Nigeria, by Yinka Olomojobi (Malthouse, Lagos, 2013)

3. Orchestra of Her Last Rites, by Salamatu Sule (AMAB, Minna, 2018)

The other three books

4. Oma the Drummer Queen, by Salamatu Sule (NWS, 2017)

5. Dreams and Assorted Nightmares, by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim ( Masobe, Lagos, 2020)

6. Victor Banjo: An Untold Account of the Nigerian Civil War, by Deji Yesufu (Joe-Tolalu, Lagos, 2018)

Welcome to the family, O books!

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