Manufa – The Purpose

The purpose (manufa) for this blog is to lay out some of my feelings about my people (Hausawa) as they relate to the rest of the world. Trouble is, you will have to understand the Hausa language or a smattering of it to really go along with you. But wait, I do lot plenty of stuff in English, too. Bilingualism is part of the personal makeup of the average educated (?) Hausa person today. So don’t mind me if you see postings that are simply greek to you.

The idea, really, is to put my language on the web so that guys out there would know it’s also around. Like most languages, Hausa is also becoming inundated in English. Globalisation? You bet. No wonder you find me introducing this zaure in a foreign language. Deliberate. I’ll have my sweet revenge soon as I inundate you with Hausa. Soon? Right now!

Idan ka shirya, mu je zuwa – wai mahaukaci ya hau kura! Bismilla.

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