Komai lalacewar waina ai ta fi kashin shanu!

Today is end of March. We are getting into April in the next few hours. April is a critical month in today’s Nigeria because the general elections will begin within the month. It’s a make or break month.


Is Nigeria going to experience a smooth civilian-to-civilian transition? The fabled moment is also important to the survival of the country’s ‘democracy.’ Thank God, President Obasanjo has been reiterating his commitment to hand over power. And the electoral commission (INEC) also keeps saying it is ready to conduct the elections in spite of the doubts being harboured by most Nigerians. Let them hold the elections, kawai!


Mu dai burin mu shi ne mu ga mulkin nan na dimokuradiyya ya na tafiya; ba mu son a ce ya karkace ko ya lalace. Domin komai wuya gwamma mulkin farar hula da na soja. Wai! Hausawa sun ce komai lalacewar waina, ai ta fi kashin shanu.


Our prayer is for Obasanjo to go, democracy to thrive, and our pathetic living condition to improve. Let’s pray!

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